VersionTech Wired Stereo Gaming Headset Headphones with Mic and Volume Control Stunning LED Lights for Gamer (Works with Laptop Computer, Tablet, Smartphones)

This is a very nice wired stereo gaming headset for the headphones with microphone and volume control.  Each ear phone piece lights up and so does the actual microphone as well.  The microphone is nice because it only picks up your voice so you don’t hear all the back ground noise that might be happening while you are playing your game.  The new Omnidirectional noise reduction feature on this nice set of headphones is a great feature to have if you have your gaming device in a common area of the home.  The LED lights are on the outside of the ear cups and are a great feature.  The microphone piece that you speak into also has LED lights on the end of it.  You can use the USB plug-in on the head phones or the auxiliary cord to plug into the hand-held device to talk in chat or on the game itself.  The ear pieces are very cushioned and nice to block out any outside distractions from the game itself.  The set of headphones are very light weight and easy to use.  The sides of the head phones adjust up and down to give you extra length that you might need in getting a good fit.  Once you place them on your head the only part you really feel is the ear pieces. because they form fit around your ears and seal out any distractions that are around you.  The cord that goes from the USB or the Aux cords are all one piece and are connected/hardwired into the headset so you don’t have to sorry about losing the cord the cord getting lost or damaged.  The cord is covered and very light weight.  The cord also has a volume control on it so you don’t have to do anything with the headset This is a convenient and easy feature that anyone that plays games will love to have. On the volume control there is a switch so that you can switch it to use it for microphone or turn the mic off.  The volume control can be used with your thumb to turn it up or down so it’s convenient to use.  The cord has a very nice flexible light weight and easy to plug in to aux or USB.  It has a nice appeal and look as it’s camouflaged on the outside and the ear cups are light tan very soft breathable material.  These great ear phones make a great gift for any gamer or person that likes to listen to music.  I also hooked this up to my computer and the phone and listened to music with these great head phones.  They have a great stereo sound.  You can hear it crystal clear.  I listened to different genre’s, classical, Christian, oldies but goodies, and they all came out with no crackling when you had it turned up to the top level of volume.  Great pair of head phones.  Makes a great gift for anyone that likes to keep what they listen to private or needs quietness during the day due to someone working nights.  This works out perfect for those situations.  Continue reading VersionTech Wired Stereo Gaming Headset Headphones with Mic and Volume Control Stunning LED Lights for Gamer (Works with Laptop Computer, Tablet, Smartphones)


Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set Of 10 Ideal For Applying Foundation, Cream, Contour, Powder, Blush, Concealer, Professional Cosmetic Brushes Kits from Magnifeko

This set of Makeup Brushes set of 10 are ideal for applying foundation, cream, contour, powder, blush or concealer while using your professional cosmetics.  If you are a person that loves cosmetics then you will love this set of great brushes.

The ergonomic handles have great flexibility to make your application of your make up easier to blend, apply that great piece of make up to your face, eyes, cheeks.  So when you are done using this great set you will feel like a very special person.  When you hold the handles it feels like an extension of your hand so it’s a natural flow from your hand to your face.

Material:  Hair on brush: synthetic hair.  Material for handles are Nylon which is flexible

To clean this great set it’s so easy.

  • You hold the brush face down so the bristles are facing down, run the bristles under warm water.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water and make up residue.
  • Apply a dime sized amount of mild soap such as Joy and olive oil to the palm of your hand.
  • Massage the bristles into the palm of your hand in a circular motion under running water until the water runs clear.
  • Gently squeeze out any water with a clean towel
  • Let bristles air dry in an open airy space.

This is a great 10 piece set that will last you a long time since you can clean and keep using them.  It’s easy to care for.  It has a nice case to sit your brushes it to keep them organized.

Specifications Biggest to smallest:

01 Handle 6.5 in 3  – 8×4 Foundation Blush Brush handle

02 Handle 6.3 in  Blush brush handle

03 Handle  2 5×3 in  Powder  Brush handle

04 Handle 14.8 cm Concealer Brush handle

05 Handle 14.1 cm Eye Shadow Brush handle

06 Handle  14 cm 0.4 x 2.6 cm Eye Liner Brush handle

07 Handle 13.5 cm Eye Brow Brush handle

08 Handle 0.25 x.2 cm Lip Brush handle

09 Handle 11.9 cm Face blender handle

10 Handle 11.9 cm Small Eye brush handle

How to use brush to apply make up!

Pick up your choice of product with the brush, start applying the makeup from the center of the face.

Using a “Push-Pull” motion, glide the brush across the surface of the skin to blend

Finish off blending with light, circular motions.   Look beautiful!

I received this 10 piece Make up brush set at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  This is an awesome set for anyone who loves to apply make up and feel great about it!


LAX Durable Braided Micro USB Cable Android Charger (6 Feet)

This durable braided micro USB cable is for Android phones.  It is for syncing and charging which means you can use it to upload photos from your phone to your computer etc. or you can charge your android phone with this great braided cable.  These cords provide superior signal transfer, lighting fast.  This great android charger/syncing cable can be used on android phones such as Samsung S6 Edge to Motorola G3 to HTC One, tablets.  It’s so nice to have an extra cable because if you are like me and always on the go then it just is nice to have a back up cord.  These cords are durable and long lasting they fit a USB to USB-A  adapter that you might have to use to plug in. It supports up to a 3 A power output and can be used for charging and powering micro USB 2.0 enabled devices.  With this being 6 FT in length that means it’s long enough to fit so that your not struggling to charge and use your device while it is charging.  The color is beautiful color and has a Velcro strap around it to hold the cord in a nice circle so that you can store it easily.  The braided cords look nice and last longer because the cords are protected with that nice durable braided material.  LAX cords made a great gift.  With everyone has a phone now having that nice sense of security of a good cord to always rely on is nice to have and get or give as a gift.  Makes a great topper on a present to a family member.  This great cord from LAX also comes with a 1 year hassle free warranty.  LAX also sells cords in different lengths and colors, stop by the Amazon link below and check out ALL your options.

I received this product and am providing you with an honest review.  I received this at a discounted price.


Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Classic Link Wrist

This is a very nice bracelet that you can use for dress up or use it everyday.  It’s a great gift for him.  The titanium steel carbide bracelet is hypoallergenic and free of nickel.  You don’t have to polish it this type of steel doesn’t react with oxygen, so no worry about it tarnishing.  It comes in a great gift box.  Then when you open the box you see a black jewelry bag which is black velvet.  Then when you remove the black velvet bag with the bracelet in it you will then you see the bracelet.  The bracelet is long enough so that if you do have to take a link or two out this great bracelet comes with a mechanism to help take the links out.  The links on the side of them show which way to turn the link to get it loosened and so you know which links to remove.  This is a good bracelet with a classic touch.  It has a nice clasp to keep the bracelet secure on your wrist.  There are enough links on the bracelet to adjust it the way you want it to.  It’s great for a young person or a professional.  It’s great to wear with jeans or with a suit.  You can’t go wrong with this very nice and nice priced bracelet.

I am reviewing this bracelet on my own.  I received this bracelet at a discounted promotional price.  I was not asked to review this product.  This bracelet truly is a great piece of jewelry. Size: 8.5 inch (21.8 cm) L x 0.43 inch (1.1 cm) W x 0.11 inch (0.3 cm) Thickness. Color: Silver. Weight :1.44OZ(40 g) Material: Titanium steel






Forester Cedar Shoe Trees for Shoes and Boots – Women and Men – Best Choice for Narrow, Medium, & Wide Widths – Aromatic American Cedar – Durable Adjustable Design – Fresh Long Lasting Natural Fragrance

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